Connecting Rod

– Water steam treated, low friction and light weight design with high lubricity.

– Roughness and Cylindricity maintained up to 3.5µm, roundness is about 2.50 µm, and maximum precision level maintained about 0.7µm.


In a reciprocating compressor Connecting Rod transfers rotary motion from crankshaft as a reciprocating motion to piston. The connecting rod of our compressor is made of Sintered Iron. It can withstand force up to 240 MPa. Its damping capability is also very good.

Minimum breaking load between both eyes 1550N to 2450N

Resistance to tension: min. 240 N/mm²,

Breaking Elongation: min 1%

Hardness: HRB 40-75, according DIN EN ISO 4498

Material: Sinter Iron; C = 0.3-0.6%, Cu = 2.5-3.5%, Mn < 0.08%, S=0.3-0.5%, others < 0.5%, Fe = rest

Sinter Density: 6.8 ±0.2 g/cm³


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