Flange Bearing

‘- Robust design to prevent shaft deflection.


Bearings with a flange on the outer ring are known as flange bearing. The housing for such bearings consist of a through-hole of uniform diameter, but the entry face of the housing (which may be either the outer or inner face) must be machined truly normal to the hole axis. However such flanges are very expensive to manufacture.
  • Material: Cast iron EN-GJL-200 according DIN EN 1561. Casting microstructure according EN ISO 945 shall be essentially pearlitic, under eutectical, max 0.5% phosphorus.
  • Mechanical properties: Hardness 180 – 250 HB 5/750
  • Surface: Sand blasted, no sharp casting burrs allowed, burr of parting line shifting and gating removed, smooth, clean, no cracks, no cavities, no pores, no blisters, free of scale and loose particles.