Suction muffler

– Perfectly engineered flow-system for absorbing noise.​​


Its main function is to separate oil from the circulating gas. In addition its design is so matched that, it absorbs noise that creates inside of the compressor.
  • Material: Celanex 3300, Valox VX4029, Ultradur B4300 G6
  • Surface: Complete molded, free of die casting residues, constant (no spots), no burrs, no pores, no cracks, no blisters, no impurities
  • To get maximum combined efficiency, we use higher graded aluminum with a purity of 99.7% to cast our rotor.
  • We select 28 slots in rotor stack, together with stator that give almost zero vibration in rotor rotation. For this our compressor has very low vibration and therefore the noise.


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