Drywall Screw



Items Description
Thread Size Size no. #6 (Nominal Dia 3.5mm)
Length 16mm, 19mm, 25mm, 31mm, 38mm, 50mm
Head design Bugle head
Driver type Phillips, Pozidriv
Point style Sharp point (25°± 5°)
Thread 60° thread
Material Aluminum de-oxidized steel / Boron steel
Surface Hardness Min. 450HV (HV 0.5)
Core hardness Max. 390 HV (HV 0.5)
Surface treatment Zn electroplating with black color, Blackening, Seven color
SST Min. 96 hours against R2, No SST guaranty for blackening products
Application Drywall use, Furniture, Carpentry works, Chipboard use,
Package 300*225*125 (20 Kg small items); 375*275*145 (20 Kg); 430*370*115 (24 Kg)


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