– Water steam treated, low friction and light weight design with high lubricity.

– Roughness and Cylindricity maintained up to 2.0µm, roundness is about 1.6 µm, and maximum precision level maintained about 1.50µm.


Piston is a crucial part of reciprocating compressor. The Piston of our Compressor is made of Sintered Iron. Its main purpose is to transfer the highly compressed superheated refrigerator into the compressor discharge line through discharge valve at high pressure. Our piston is very modern and very low frictional in design, robust in construction. Its leak proof capability is up to 25 bar.

Tensile strength (R): >140N/mm²
Breaking elongation (A): >1% sintered
Hardness: HRB 50-90, according DIN EN ISO 4498
Leakage: tight against pressure till 25bar
Roughness: Indication of surface texture DIN ISO 1302
Material: Sinter Iron: C<0.4%, S<0.3%, MnS <0.5%, others<1.5%, rest Fe
Water steam treated, layer thickness 2-8 μm
Smooth, clean, no cracks, no cavities, no spots (dark blue), no rust, not oiled.


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