Self Tapping screw

– ​Different head, driver styles are available upon customer requirement
– Size range: M2-M6 length 6mm-75mm as per Metric Standard
– Size No. #2 to #14 and length from 1/2” up to 3″ as per Inch Standard 



– Material: High quality “Boron Alloyed Steel” with excellent hardenability
– All dimensions strictly comply with drawing
– All screws are Carburized, Quenched and Tempered with heat treatment furnace
– Surface hardness value exceeds 500HV (HV 0.5)  that guarantees screw threads and drivers will remain undeformed and workable during installation and afterwards.
– White, yellow/seven color and black color Zn coating is available.
– Excellent corrosion resistance for indoor and outdoor use.
– Have 96 hours SST against red rust.
– We provide Mill Test Certificate upon request


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